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Amish Cedar Gazebo
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Our Gazebo Kits are made by Amish folk, who prefer to live a simple life. Kilmer Gazebos was formed in 1999 and began to offer Gazebos for Sale on the internet in January 2000. The Amish craftsmen are friends of ours, whom we have known for years. We at Kilmer Gazebos started as a hobby to help an Amish friend...the hobby got a bit out of hand.

Our Amish crafted gazebos are made in an Amish community located outside of Vestaburg, central  Michigan. All our products are made in Amish owned, Amish run shops, and all the workmanship is done with an eye towards quality. A great deal of pride and workmanship truly goes in each piece that is produced. The woodworkers who produce our gazebos come from a long line of hard working, simple folk, who strive to produce quality, affordable Gazebo Kits. We stress the workmanship as Amish crafted, as this truely means quality. We do not sell any Wooden Gazebos that are not Amish crafted. Everything we sell is made in the USA and we are able to ship within the continental US.  Kilmer Gazebos are a member of the Better Business Bureau.

A Kilmer Creek Amish crafted Wooden Gazebo can be customized to fit your needs. The gazebos are shipped in partially assembled gazebo kit form, ready for easy assembly. The smaller gazebos are designed for an average home to assemble with a few friends in a day. The larger gazebos are sold with contractors & adventurous homeowners in mind, requiring a small crane or all-terrain forklift to assist in assembly. We offer traditional oval, octagon & square gazebos for sale. Looking for Pergola's ? - they are essentially a gazebo without a roof and are easy to assemble as pergola kits . Please take a look at our pages for ideas, email us questions, and when you are ready we will prepare a quote for your custom designed wood gazebo.