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Log Gazebo Gallery
Our very rustic Amish handcrafted Log Gazebos are carefully crafted. The logs are matched up lodge pole pine logs, naturally free standing air dried - with a bit of naturally cracking in the logs. This means that there is limited natural shrinkage or water absorption. The roof and flooring is made of cedar.

These are customer photos of our Amish handcrafted log gazebos, fully assembled. 
 There are many different sizes, shapes and custom features available, even beyond what you see here. Please click on the navigation menu for more detailed gazebo photos

Custom Features

10' x 10' Octagon Gazebo
10' x 14' Oval Gazebo
with doorways on each end
20' x 20' Octagon Gazebo
with 3-tier roof structure
12' x 12' Octagon Gazebo
12' x 18' Oval Gazebo
shown with double doorway
24' x 24' Octagon Gazebo
with 3-tier roof structure
14' x 14' Octagon Gazebo
30' x 30' Octagon Gazebo
with 3-tier roof structure
12' x 14' Oval Gazebo 
with extra railing and ramp
Log Railing
Oval Tongue & Groove Ceiling and Cupola, Interior View
Log Swing & Railing
3 Tier Cupola
Tongue & Groove Ceiling, Interior View

This wonderful 12x18 oval log gazebo is used for private parties & weddings. It was finished with a light honey color stain.
This gazebo has one side without railing for the doorway, and a back doorway with extra railing.
4' wide straight walkway footbridge
6' wide arched walkway footbridge

Yes, we have even done 
mini log cabins
 - make as playhouses, simple offices, 
or even storage.