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As you are considering your gazebo order please provide us with the following: 

The Structure

1) Basic Design - You need to decide what size and shape works best for your space. The most popular shape is octagon (8 sides), followed by oval, but under certain circumstances square may work best for you.

2) Foundation - The gazebos cannot be placed directly on the ground. You can place our smaller gazebos on blocks. Larger gazebos need cement pilings (pilings allow airflow, keeping the gazebo cooler and water away from the uprights) or a cement pad. Please take a look at our basic requirements - Foundation Requirements

3) Flooring - We sell the gazebos with a cedar floor. If you use a cement pad, a floor may not be necessary. If you wish other material, we can have the floor joists assembled, making it easy for you to install your own material.

4) Doorways- What kind of access do you want for the gazebo? We normally keep an entire side open on an oval, just one doorway on a smaller gazebo, and two openings for larger gazebos. Will this work for you?

5) Railing - The railings are extremely important for the stability of the gazebo. While we can work around having most or no lower railing, the top railing along the roof line is essential for the roof structure to hold together. We can also supply extra railing to tie into your other projects.

6) Roof - The roof is essential - its all about looks. We offer both cedar shakes, and a limited supply of metal roofing. We can ship you the roof without roofing material - it will be prepared so that all you need to install is your own material. We will have all of the substructure done. 

7) Unloading strategy when shipped to you - Small cedar gazebos will be boxed and unloaded by a common carrier onto your driveway. Log gazebos are the responsibility of the buyer to unload from the trucking company. Small log gazebos can be unloaded by hand, large gazebos will require a small crane or boom truck - to unload and assist in assembly.

8) Any Special Location Features - Such as on a hillside, near a lake, to be placed on a dock, or high elevation.
Please share the potential location or problems you think you may encounter.

Important Information Also Needed

9) Local Permits & Permission - Do you need a permit for this structure? Some areas require a simple permit, other areas can be time consuming. Permission may also be needed form your Homeowners Association. Please be sure to check.

10) Potential Location Zip Code - Shipping zip code is essential, an address is ideal. We ship the log gazebos from Vestaburg, Michigan, and the cedar gazebos from St. Ignatius, Montana.

11) Deposit - We require a 25% deposit on the gazebos when you do order - not for a quote. The reason for this is that it can take us 2-6 weeks before we can ship a gazebo to you. Extremely large gazebos may take a little more time. A deposit can be made safely with a credit card through our secure website or by phone.

12) Your Basic Contact Information - name, organization (only needed if you are buying for an organization), and phone number. Our shop may have additional questions before we can finish a quote for you.

13) Company Contact - We will gladly make phone calls and trade emails to complete your design needs. Please keep in mind that time is important for both you and us. Our shop is Amish run, so please respect our concept of family time and working normal hours, and we will respond in a timely manner. We want to create a gazebo to meet you needs, so communication is essential.

​14) We are a member of the Better Business Bureau.
You need to answer a few questions before we can generate a quote. We have found that almost every log gazebo order has been a special order.

 When you are ready for a quote please email us at:
Order Checklist

10'x10' Log Gazebo Kit starting price $3400*
*starting price does not include additional customization